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Pharmacy Guild: “Aggressive behaviour is never acceptable”

The video of a violent incident in a community pharmacy this week is shocking and disturbing, and puts the spotlight on the day-to-day pressures pharmacists and their staff face

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The customer isn’t always right – addressing customer abuse and aggression

The National Retail Association is calling on Government to recognise the mass-scale of workplace abuse retail workers are facing and provide greater support to the sector through campaigns and policy reforms.

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The economic and social impacts of retail crime

The retail industry is heavily impacted by crime which exposes the sector to critical economic and social impacts and results in a significant monetary and human cost.

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Nutrition issues for retail workers

In 2010, the Department of Health found that retail workers (those in retail and food service) were over-represented for inadequate fruit and vegetable intake and inadequate physical activity outside of work. Unlike office-based workplaces, retail workplaces have limited space for lunchroom facilities and equipment such as microwaves and fridges. Retail workers are less likely to…

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Health and nutrition

Health and nutrition – providing support to change lifestyle

Our members tell us that they are less likely to bring their own food and they often purchase their lunch and snacks within the retail precinct food court.

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Customer abuse and aggression fast becoming the norm for retail workers

In many retail workplaces, staff face acts of aggression or violence on a daily basis, just like healthcare workers, but either receive a lackluster police response, or incidents are seen as “just part of the job.”

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