The health and wellbeing of 1.5 million retail workers deserves attention.

Retail represents over 1.5 million Australian workers

This includes full-time and casual employees, managers, corporate support staff, delivery and back-of-house staff, franchisees and independent business owners.

Australia is currently facing a concerning increase in preventable chronic diseases and mental health issues.

Retail workers represent a significant proportion of Australians impacted.

The issues

Retail workers have been at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, weathering increased risk, stress and abuse to keep Australia fed and safe.

Retail workers are experiencing increased retail crime and related violence, with over 85% experiencing verbal or physical abuse while trying to prevent crime.

Retail workers are experiencing increased customer abuse and aggression, seemingly accepted as normal by society but creating long-lasting well being impacts and increasing exit from the profession.

Retail workers are on the front line of dealing with societal issues as 'ad-hoc counsellors', such as managing individuals affected by drug or substance abuse.

Up to 100,000 retail workers are experiencing domestic and family violence, with 1 in 6 Australian women experiencing violence. 20% of these women say the violence continues at work and many lose their jobs.

Retail workers are more likely to have poor nutrition and lack of non-work exercise creating long term health impacts including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer

change is needed to improve the health and wellbeing of retail workers

  • Retail workers should be recognised and prioritised as frontline essential service workers.

  • Crimes against retailers and their teams should be treated as, and responded to, as serious crime.

  • We need to change community attitudes that accept customer abuse of retail workers as the norm.

  • Greater community and social intervention is needed to tackle societal issues rather than expecting retail workers to be ad-hoc counsellors and law enforcement.

  • Retailers can play a critical part in identifying and supporting victims of domestic and family violence, and need support programs nationwide to provide tools and resources.

  • Retail workers need more resources and education to improve their lifestyle choices such as nutrition and exercise, and also play a critical role in educating customers.

Raise your voice and thank essential retail workers.

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  • Believe retailers should be recognised & supported like essential workers?


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